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Air Chelan Photo, Lake Chelan, Washington

The Lady of the Lake boats (why do they call them that on every damn lake in the country?) provide wonderful access to the Uplake wilderness, but there's a cooler way to go if you can afford it--seaplane. And not only to Stehekin and Holden, either. You can get them to drop you off at Domke Lake or other remote tarns where you will be flat ALONE and ISOLATED. Especially impressive in winter. Fortunately you can also arrange for them to pick you up and take you out. These guys have been doing this forever and have a perfect safety record (or so they claim). You get on down in the bustling resort atmosphere of Chelan, then lift over all that, and the acres of apple orchards, and immediately start passing over vast, empty mountains. You get off in the middle of nowhere. Which, as you might know, is the center of everywhere.

There are a lot of different trips and fares. The basic ride up the lake with a short stop in Stehekin is $100. Once in Stehekin by whatever means you can take a bird's eye cruise of the mountains for $80. The Super Tour for $150 is an eye-popping overflight of the Cascades, including strafing glaciers, cruising dramatic waterfalls, threading through steep, sharp, bald peaks. Photographers will go absolutely nuts.
A great way to go is a 'Combo', which is uplake by boat and back by seaplane. Best of all the 'Ultimate Combo' which includes that plus the Super tour mentioned above for $150. This is not just a scenic tour, this is an impactive experience that can totally blow your set, maybe change your life, depending on the quality of your present life.

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