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Thar She Blows !

Super Soaker Photo, Ensenada, Mexico

La Bufadora is one of the main blowholes on the Pacific coast. Waves smash in through tapering slot, then blast straight up through the hole. You never know how high it will blow at any time, maybe just a salty spritz...maybe you'll suddenly find yourself losing a wet T-shirt contest. It's a fun place, full of couples and young people and weekenders gawking at 'Old Unfaithful' and buying curios and tacos from the stands along the road.

You need a car to visit the Bufadora, since it's well out of town on Punta Banda--but it's a trip worth making just to see the Point. The water is clear here with good diving; this is where you'll end up if you charter a dive trip. The drive is through fields, but then swings onto the point and starts passing beaches (Baja Beach is a local favorite) and scenery. On the way back, stop off at the Estero Beach Hotel for lunch or a swim.

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