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Hussong's Cantina

Hey, It's 100 Yrs Old Photo, Ensenada, Mexico

This has to be the most famous cantina in the world. It's the most infamous in Mexico, and where else to they have infamous cantinas? Started by Russian settlers over a century ago (almost everything in the Baja was started by somebody from some weird place for some nutty reason), Hussongs has evolved from a Western hole right out of the movies into an international bawdyhouse where Lee Marvin and John Wayne cavorted, into THE place to toss back a tequila in the Baja--with an incredible T-shirt and bumpersticker empire that was plastering its strange name all over the Americas when the Hard Rock wasn't even a gleam in some marketing sociopath's eye.

Like Disneyland, the reality of Hussongs isn't quite up to its reputation--but what the hell do you want from a Cantina? Its an old place you go in and drink. They even allow women these days. Mostly you can say you were there. If they don't believe you, show them your T-shirt and bumpersticker.

Seriously, Hussongs is a place you ought to hit. You never know what the scene will be. It might be a bunch of college knuckleheads, or it might be full of bikers on a run, or it might be the usual Baja crowd. But it's worth stopping by at the North end of the main drag (Lopez Mateos) and Calle Ruiz.

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