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Arches National Park

Arches National Parks Photo, Moab, Utah

This is the place Edward Abbey (author of "The Monkeywrench Gang" and the Kirk Douglas movie "The Brave Cowboy") called "the most beautiful place on earth"--and it's hard to argue. The carved arches and spires seem more finely crafted here, more delicate and "alien civilizationish". The rock is a deep, deep red, the shapes what all those expressionist sculptures are trying for but not making. With the deep blue Utah sky in the background and the green of pines nourished by the water trapped by the rock sprayed around, the scene is like a bold painting/sculpture that you can walk around in. Remember "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade", when the young Indy nabbed the cross and was running down out of the red rocks. These were them rocks. This is just a cool place to hike around in. You can just loaf along the trails looking up at the scenery, or start walking up the rocks, getting dimensional in your stroll. And what a great place for taking picures--it's pretty much made out of gigantic stone frames.
Devil's Garden is like a sculpture garden of over 50 arches--you just stroll through with your camera. Landscape arch is the big sucker, with some really scary walkways. Delicate Arch is the most photogenic and lovely of them all, a drive up to the perfect example of the whole red southwest rock thing in one easy shot. If all this sounds too easy for you, you might enjoy the Fiery Furnace Trail.

There is camping in the Park, but no reservations, so in summer you could be out of luck at Devil's Garden (none of those Mormon spiritual names around here).

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