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Sirros: the place for pizza, pool and live music

What to do with an old movie theatre? The owners of Sirros, a pizza, pasta, and sandwich restaurant, took out all the seats, knocked down all the walls, and turned it into a live entertainment venue that resembled a rock 'n roller's heaven.

John and I decided we didn't want to fight the Saturday night crowd at any of the local eateries, so we planned to grab a pizza and head back to our room at the Creole House. While John was ordering, I poked my head through the door and into the old movie house. Pool and other game tables were in the back, or what would have once been the concession stand area. Small round tables for two to four hugged both sides of the auditorium. Waitresses were running back and forth with trays of food and pitchers of beer.

In the center was a huge dance floor. I'd be willing to bet about a hundred dancers could easily gyrate back and forth without becoming claustrophobic. On the stage a complete band was set, just waiting for the eight o'clock show. I'm sure the walls would sway when the music was cranked up to full volume. Since we don't like loud, We just grabbed our pizza and fled.

The pizza and wings were fine. Not much you can do with pizza and wings except offer good food at low prices, which Sirros did.

Sirros is located at 261 Merchant St. Phone: 573-883-5749

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