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It's So Flat!

When one thinks of the Canadian and American prairies, what often comes to mind is one word - flat. If you are taking the Trans Canada highway, much of the same exists from Winnipeg all the way to Calgary, quite a distance! For people who have never travelled in this area, with Regina smack in the middle, it really is quite flat, and for miles in all directions. From above,the typical description is that the land looks like a patchwork quilt. As cliche as that may be, it is true, with the many beautiful shades of gold, green, yellow, purple and other hues less expected on the Prairies. Though visitors are always astounded by the beauty of mountains, the Prairies have their special beauty too. Not only are the colours wonderful as the seasons progress, but the feeling of unending space is something to experience. And sometimes, the vistas offer wonderful surprises.

With little to 'block the view,' the sky with its floating clouds is a wonder to behold, and the night sky is a stargazer's dream. Within a few minutes, you can be outside the city and enjoying the peace, quiet and wonderful views at any time of day or night. If caught in a rain storm, views of lighting crossing the prairie skies can be illuminating and a bonus to those interested in photography. But, hope for less rain and keep in mind that Saskatchewan has the most sunlight of any province in Canada, including the winter months.

Surprisingly to some, there are valleys and hills which seemingly pop out of nowhere within a short drive from Regina and across the prairies, giving the traveller even more to explore. Try the Qu'Appelle Valley not far from Regina, with its many lakes, market gardens and scenic drives, the highly unique Sand Hills in the West of Saskatchewan, or unearthed dinosaur bones and Cypress Hills (the highest point in Canada between Ontario and the Rocky Mountains)in Saskatchewan's southwest corner.

You might even be in Regina when the appropriately-named "Flatland Music Festival" is being held. Whether you believe the world is round or flat, there is much indeed to catch your interest in the area and the hospitality of the citizens is sure to please you and make your stay enjoyable. So, don't be afriad to head a bit off the beaten tourist path - you will flat out enjoy yourself!

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