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Stonehenge is the place to go for local artists. This art store, gallery and frame shop is located at the corner of Cloverdale Road and Decatur Street. Though the place is not very big, it is very full of paintings, sculptures, crafts, prints, and information about local history. As a plus, too, it is located at the end of a small, old row of store-fronts and down the line are gift shops like Apropos, antique stores like Sheffield's and a market and deli, Derk's Filet and Vine. It would not be hard to spend a whole day on this block of seven shops. Everything on this block is worth seeing.

Stonehenge is the place to go for local artists Clark Walker, Julia Stark and Bess Coates. But if paintings are too pricey, there are prints of old Montgomery landmarks for sale and out-of-the-ordinary furniture, candellabras, etc.

There is not a lot to say about Stonehenge itself, but as a place of interest of tourists and travelers, it is an important stop. It is what's inside that matters. From the Cezanne-like work of 62-year-old Clark Walker to the post-modern work of Bess Coates (CC Bess), an art lover can find original works that are truly very reasonably priced.

The beauty of Stonehenge is that it is a real old South art gallery. They will let you take the paintings home and decide if you really want them or not. If you decide the work does not go in your house, you can bring it back; if you like it, come back and pay for it. They are very, very good framers, as well, who give excellent, personal service.

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