Montgomery Stories and Tips

The beginning

To start off a journal about Montgomery, Alabama, the first thing that needs to conveyed is to open one's mind and get away from every pre-conceived notion. Living here my whole life I have heard all the stereotypes from people who have never been here. We don't have indoor plumbing, we marry our cousins, we lynch anybody who is not Caucasian.... rubbish.

Having traveled a fair bit in my life, I have experienced all of the prejudices that the rest of the country claims that Southerners are guilty of. As soon as someone hears a Southern accent, the stereotypes come freely. However so few people have come to see for themselves.

Montgomery was the capitol of the Confederacy, the site of the Selma March and the Bus Boycott, the home of Hank Williams, Sr. and Nat King Cole. It is the current state capitol and the home to quite a few federal government departments. The second largest Shakespeare Festival in the U.S. is here.

Beyond all that, we may well have the best home cooking in the whole world. If you walk away from a Southern table hungry, it is your own fault. There is not any point in trying to portray the whole city now. There is plenty of time for that.

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