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Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is an impoundment of the Guadalupe River built by the Army Corps of Engineers, and offers eighty miles of scenic, protected shoreline for your enjoyment. Seven public parks surround the 8,240-acre lake, three of which have swimming beaches. Jointly operated by the Guadalupe and Blanco River authorities, the dam was built for flood control and water conservation in the surrounding communities. Construction began in 1958 and was completed in 1964. The dam is 224 feet high, 20 feet across, and is 4,410 feet long. Look for the black and brown rock squirrels that live around the dam. You can hike over the dam and around the lake ridge on a 5-kilometer trail with an excellent view called the Vereda Real. The scenic view at Overlook Park is spectacular, and it is still and quiet on top of the hill. A ranger station is located there and can provide brochures, maps and information.

Camping, picnic, and boating facilities are provided throughout the lake, including two yacht clubs, two marinas, and a ski club. Scuba diving is popular, as well. Resorts, bed and breakfast inns, motels, water sport rentals and restaurants can all be found close by.

Swimming beaches can be found at Comal Park, Canyon Park, and Potters Creek Park. Swimming is at your own risk as there are no lifeguards on duty.

The Canyon Lake area is in the heart of the Hill Country, and the hilly terrain is dotted with scrubby oaks.

There is absolutely no hunting at Canyon Lake, and wildlife is abundant. Pets are permitted on leashes, but not on the beaches.

North Park at the north end of the dam is for camping and has fair swimming; Jacob’s Creek Park is for day use and has a large swimming beach, with rest rooms, a boat ramp, and picnic areas. Canyon Park swimming beach is located near the entrance and has camping and a marina. Potters Creel has a small swimming beach and covered picnic areas on a little peninsula.

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