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Vienna from Bratislava

If you're travelling on a budget, and want to see something of Western Europe from the safe cheapness of the east, stay in Bratislava, and go to Vienna for a day. When I was first in Bratislava, with a group of friends, this is exactly what we did. We'd all just finished a year of teaching in Poland and the Czech Rep, and we were all feeling a bit short of the readies. We stayed in Bratislava for 6 days, and on 2 of those went to Vienna for the day. It's easy, and cheap, as the two cities are really close together, and linked by a good train line. If you're really feeling broke, you can buy food in Slovakia and take it with you, and hardly spend a penny while in one of the most wonerful cities in the world! There's also a sneaky feeling that going on a day trip to another country two days in a row is pretty good fun (-:

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