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A short word on Grenada

Landing in Grenada was a hair raising experience. We landed in the dark and we were unable to see lights on the ground until we touched down on the runway. You could hear whispers all through the plane as people wondered if we were really over the island. Fortunately, we landed with no problems and quickly (relatively speaking, this is island time you know) cleared immigration and customs. We took a taxi to St. Georges Harbour. What a sight it was when we saw the Mandalay and the Yankee Clipper at anchor together in the harbor. The ships are so beautiful, old and quaint.

After registering with the pursor and the activities director (and enjoying our first rum swizzle) we were served a buffet dinner: cornish hen, crab salad (spicy & good), shrimp, turkey, vegetables, rice & beans. Yum! A reggae band got us in the island frame of mind.

A disappointing thing of this port was that we didn't get to see anything of this beautiful island. We arrived in the dark Sunday night with hopes of sightseeing Monday morning. Unfortunately that was not to be. It was Grenada's Independence Day so everything was closed. The Captain decided that the ship would sail at 10:00 rather than 12:00. Oh, well. Guess that means we will have to return someday so we can see the sights.

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