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Ahead of the Storm

Storms on the Plains Photo, Kansas, United States

One of the age old problems with traveling across the plains in spring is a possible encounter with a major storm system. On the day we visited Scott State Park, Monument Rock and Castle Rock, we found ourselves just staying ahead of such a storm. We awoke to a heavy rain and set out toward Scott State Park. We soon drove out of the rain, but the clouds hung low overhead. This was not an overcast sky. There were distinct cloud formations, some on the horizon and others almost overhead. The most threatening was a roll cloud that began to the northeast and extended back toward the southwest. It was enormous. Just north of Scott City we drove under the cloud and left it to our rear, and for the rest of the day we managed to stay just ahead of it as we drove east. We ate lunch in Oakley and an hour after making our departure we heard on the radio that a tornado had been spotted just outside of Oakley. We were fortunate to stay just ahead of this storm. It was exciting and frightening all at the same time. The clouds were both glorious and intimidating. These spring storms are really something to see, but remember to show them respect if you happen to find yourself in the presence of one.

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