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One Man's Insanity is Another Man's Art

Field Art Photo, Kansas, United States

When we left the Round Barn we returned to Mullinville and Highway 54/400 to head toward Dodge City. What we encountered on the western edge of Mullinville will never be duplicated anywhere else in the world. Lining the outer edge of a field for at least two blocks to the west and two blocks to the north were the strangest apparitions you could ever imagine. My best guess is someone began tinkering with cut-out metal figures and simply got carried away. The figures are rather cartoonish and some have signs attached with some rather politically incorrect humor. Even though we were trying to keep to a time schedule, we stopped and drove the whole length of the display. We spent a good twenty minutes driving past one crazy thing after another. I hope you take time to check out the photos so you can have some idea of what this spectacle looked like.

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