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The Great Turkey Chase

Milford Lake Photo, Junction City, Kansas

One of the funniest events that happened to us at Milford Lake began when we were on the road home. As we drive along the edge of the lake I always keep an eye out for wildlife -- never know what you are going to see.

The point at which we were traveling was fairly wooded, with breaks here and there. As we passed one break of about 30 ft between trees I noticed a field with some kind of large bird in it. We whizzed past at about 50 mph so it was hard to tell what I had seen. I told my husband that there was something in the field that we should check out, so at the next available turn-off he turned the truck around and headed back toward the clearing.

When we first entered the clearing I didn't see anything and thought I must have been mistaken, but then my husband called out 'There they are -- wild turkeys.' Before I had a chance to say much he gunned the truck and set off across the field.

Farmers plant the fields around the lake and this one was full of furrows and stubble from cut wheat. We went bouncing across the field, doing about 30 mph -- which is pretty fast considering where we were. I aimed the camera and hoped I was actually getting some pictures because we were being bounced and jostled because of the furrows over which we were driving.

It didn't take those turkeys long to figure out that something was after them. They made a beeline across the field for a wooded area nearby. We had almost reached the spot where they had been when they were gone into the thicket. I tried to follow on foot, but the weeds and grasses were almost shoulder high on me. I heard them fluttering in the distance, but did not find them again.

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