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Sunrise at Herington Reservoir

Herington Reservoir Photo, Abilene, Kansas

One of the most memorable times I spent at Herington was on the morning that my husband and I struggled out of bed at 5:00 in the morning so that we could witness the sun rising over the lake.

Actually, we got up at this time for a dual purpose. Kansas in August is far to hot to do anything during the middle of the day. It had been weeks since we had been able to take our dogs for an outing because of the heat. Thus the early morning adventure.

We found the lake quite still and practically deserted. There was a boat with fishers at the north end and a couple of campers on the east side, but other than that we had the area to ourselves. The sounds of early morning birds are somehow both haunting and calming. Combined with the lapping of water upon the shore a feeling of peace was inevitable.

The sun was rising just as I returned from tracking a heron to our vantage point on a southernly promontory. It was stunning and I wondered why I didn't get up early more often.

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