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Driving Around the Island

leguan Photo, Bonaire, Caribbean

Bonaire is one of the ABC islands of the Netherlands Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao 50 miles from Venezuela. The island is approx.112 square miles and it is a best secret for friends who like stress relief and to meet friendly people in a wonderful environment.

While visiting Curaçao or Aruba, a short trip to Bonaire is also very attractive. Catch a Mini Cruise on the Fast Ferry ChoGoGo or take one of the daily flights offered by the Island Hopper.

Touring the island offers a lot of unique highlights.

Driving the south you‘ll come upon the historic Solar Salt Works and see the salt pans with colours you've never seen before backed by the snow white salt hills and decorated by Flamingos. Make a break at Pink Beach. Take a refreshment and enjoy the Marin Bleu, Azur, Green, Mint, Pink and White. Visit the Slave Stone Huts from the 19th century. Follow the way along the sea and see the oldest Lighthouse named Willemstoren. Reach Lac Bay and make a stop at Lac Bay Snacks. You‘ll see more Flamingos while eating the Catch of the Day and viewing hills of Conch shells on the Lack Bay border.

Drive in the direction of Lagun you will pass the Flamingo sanctuary with a population of approx 40,000 birds and also find some Donkeys on your way. You can see very nice DiviDivi Trees along the way to Lagun Hill. Walk around Lagun beach and then return to Kralendijk.

Driving the Northern Route of the island you can reach National Park Washington-Slagbaai domain of ancient nature, animals and plants. Taking the route in the direction of Bonaire Petroleum Corporation pass the Drinking Water Destillation Plant, the Transmitter park from Dutch World Radio and Oil Storage tanks from Bopec, you will arrive at the most beautiful salt lake in the region named Gotomeer where you can see Flamingos. Rincon, the oldest village at Bonaire, offers you the occasion of taking some food or drinks before entering the National Park.

Start visiting the Washington-Slagbaai National Park in the morning by using an all-terrain car, jeep or pick-up. There are two routes laid out in the park. The Long Route is 22 miles, 2 ½ hours at least, only driving time. Allow more time to stop at sites. The National Park delivers exciting views, mystic places and nature encounters. Playa and Boka, Chikitu, Malmok and the Light Tower ruins, Pos Mangel with the Birds the Leguan, Dragons the Goats, you have to see. During our visit buildings at Slagbaai were still not in use after demolition by Orkan Lenny but they will be soon restored.

I did not mention all the possibilities for diving and so on, not the beautiful Salines and ancient stone walls, flowers, dessert plants, trees all around... Just driving the rugged roads is an adventure that will keep you busy!

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