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The Carinage (area immediately around harbor)

the Carinage Photo, St. Georges, Grenada

This is a good harbor. Lots of sailboats and working boats including tugs. People are friendly and no sense of crime. Some signs near fort mention the "American Invasion" of Grenada but I didn't sense any hostility. When I arrived the Grenada flag was at half mast. I found out from the customs officer that a cab driver had recently shot a policeman in a domestic dispute. That was a BIG DEAL here. All government employees were wearing black armbands. The whole island was truly shocked that crime even comes to Grenada. The streets in town are narrow but traffic drives at a reasonably speed. Food prices seemed reasonable also considering a lot of food must be shipped in. I had a difficult time using my telephone calling card so I bought the local brand at each port of call during my cruise. This area is mostly covered by Cable & Wireless subsidiaries. The fort is a good tourist site and is complete with cannons.

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