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Rosendal Garden and Castle

Rosendal Trädgården, Stockholm Photo, Stockholm, Sweden

The Rosendal area is another jewel on Södra Djurgården that is slightly hidden away from the major tourist attractions. But it is not so far from Skansen. If you take bus 47 to the final station, it’s only a 10-minute walk.

Rosendal consists of the Rosendal Trädgarden organic garden, the castle Rosendals Slott, and the restaurant Rosendals Wärdshus.

Rosendal Trädgarden has its roots in the 18th century and over the next two centuries became the royal gardening ground. It even became the summer paradise of King Karl XIV Johan after it was rebuilt into an English-style garden. During the 19th century it played an important role in horticulture and the education of gardeners in Sweden. At one point there were as many as 443 different kinds of fruit trees and 1,000 kinds of potted plants. Today, the garden is run by a private company, which grows a big sortiment of organic vegetables, fruit trees and flowers in the garden and greenhouse. There is also a small vineyard.

The two boutiques sell fresh vegetables, herbs, marmalade made with organic fruits, and homemade bread baked in stone oven. In the café, you can enjoy bakery products, as well as a lunch buffet with dishes made from the freshest organic ingredients of the season.

Opening hours during the summer season is Mon-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm. Café is open from 11am-4pm.

The Rosendals Slott castle was built in the 1820s by architect Fredrik Blom and was King Karl XIV Johan’s summer resident. This king was an imported king from France and is none other than Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, a general in Napoleon’s army and husband to Desirée Clary. The royal family of Sweden today runs from their lineage. Rosendals Slott is now a museum, showcasing the best of what is known as the Karl Johan-style in furniture, textiles, and interior decoration.

Finally, the Rosendals Wärdshus, located up on a tiny hill Jägarbackarna, is a romantic spot to have lunch/dinner el fresco or inside a greenhouse. The food is rather standard fare but the ambience is excellent. There is a beautiful garden with fountain next to the restaurant, as well as a "doggy bar" offering treats to visitors’ dogs. Further down is a waterlily pond and benches, where you can sit and have a fantastic view over the waterway Djurgårdsbrunnsviken.

For directions to the Rosendal area, see map here.

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