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Island time

This little treasure island keeps getting hit by hurricanes, as many in the West Indies are wont to do, but somehow manages to get back on its feet. Nevis has the top-rated Four Seasons Resort as well as other less pricey places to stay, and plenty of reasons to do so. It's a tad difficult to reach (separated by a 10-minute ferry ride from St. Kitts, which houses the airport) so it prevents on-the-fence visitors. The ones who don't want to invest too much time getting here. Which is fine for those who know the value of being on this gem of an island.
It, like many of the other islands, has a troubling past, with its history of slave plantations and it creeped me out when I toured a few. But at least there's acknowledgement and an attempt to improve present relations. That said, it helps slow down to 'island time,' be patient and kind always, and it doesn't hurt to tip generously in order to stop the 'Ugly American' identity often associated with us 'rich' folk. After all, most natives don't vacation in your hometown, do they? And why should they, with their beautiful beaches, relaxed lifestyle and tolerant nature?

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