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Dairy Barn Drive Through Photo, Long Island, New York

Walking around Huntington is not an exciting ephiphany-inducing activity. It's one of those 'I don't feel like doing anything strenuous' type of ways to spend a day, that appeal to me more and more since I've seen my 30s disappear. Which doesn't mean it's a boring place to visit. It's more a way of looking back, reveling in the small pleasures of life and appreciating the little things. Now that I'm capitalizing on my so-called wisdom (after all, if I'm this old, I must have learned SOMETHING, right?) I notice that it's the smaller things in life that count most. The strolls through friendly neighborhoods (that don't have to be in Italy, although that's nice, too), the waving 'hello' to the familiar faces. I don't know if a place like the one I'm about to describe exists near yu, but in Huntington (and in other towns on Long Island) we have what are called, "Dairy Barns." Now, to mothers (and fathers) of toddlers, the local Dairy Barn is a blessing. It's essentially a drive-through dairy-product store where you get served via car window. The first time I encountered this, it was miraculaous to me. I was saddled with a 9-month old, having just moved to New YOrk from Florida, and forever running out of bread, eggs and the basics. Did I mention you can buy these staples of life there as well? Anyway, Long Islanders lover their Dairy Barns, because you don't have to get dressed up (sweats, pajamas, anything that covers is acceptable) unlike a trek to 7-11, where you have to actually get OUT of your car to buy coffee. But I digress (as I am wont to do, sorry). Check out the tiny little picture opn the site and you'll even see what they look like:tiny, red barns! What genius. Back to Huntington, where even the local homeless lady has been written up. I'm not joking, or trying to be mean. She apparently comes from a family that has repeatedly tried to bring her home. She'd rather hang out in Huntington (once I saw her in Greenlawn, a nice walk!). She's may be homeless, but she has good taste. Of course, that's not the only reason to go to Huntington. I have a favorite thrift store nearby (another journal will offer details), I know which health-food store to go to--and there's a few to choose from. There's even a pet shop that usually has a kitten or two to ogle. And once, I saw Billy Joel eating sushi at the Kura Barn, a Japanese restaurant on New York Avenue. And no one bothered him because he used to live here. Huntington packs a nostalgic wallop for me, because I remember bringing toddlers to a Memorial Day Parade here, and now those toddlers are taller than me. Well, at least one is. But this is the place I bring all my out-of-town friends (when they tire of the beach--which is also nearby). This is where I'd bring you.

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