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The Israeli Breakfast

Tel Aviv was where I was introduced to 'The Israeli Breakfast'. Every hotel we stayed in during our two weeks in Israel presented a similar spread of vast magnitude. I suspect it was because I was staying in tourist hotels and Americans have an international reputation for demanding quantity in their meals.

Whatever the reason, we were greeted every morning with an impressive square footage of goodies displayed beautifully enough for a Presidential reception. For example: fruit (whole, sliced and in syrup), salad (tossed, fruit, and tabouleh), bread (flat bread, crispy poppy seed bread, Danish, croissants, muffins, rolls, and sandwich bread), eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, or however you wanted them), sliced meat (cold and hot) dozens of cheeses, including Israeli goat cheese, yogurt, cereals, and hot dishes I couldn’t name. All washed down with hot European roast coffee, or tea, or juice, or milk or soft drinks – whatever you wanted.

Since I’m not a breakfast person, this was all a bit wasted on me, but I did manage the yogurt with fruit and honey and a little granola every morning. Fabulous. I can heartily recommend the yogurt. Certainly beats the stuff in the paper cartons at home.

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