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Flying into Telluride

I can't recommend traveling to Telluride without cautioning travelers about one thing: Flying into Telluride.

United and a few other airlines fly small prop planes into Telluride daily from Denver. Telluride Airport is North America's highest commercial airport at an elevation on 9,078 feet above sea level. There is high terrain exceeding 14,000 feet surrounding all 4 quadrants of the runway which is only 6,870 x 100ft. Both landing and taking off is a challenge at this airport.

Only the smallest aircrafts can use the Telluride airport and often the airline is forced to transport passengers' luggage separately to lighten the load on the plane. The majority of the planes are so small they do not have bathrooms. Many pilots who fly private planes refuse to land their passengers at Telluride because they do not want to jeopardize their passengers' safety.

If you are the slightest bit afraid of flying, do not fly into Telluride but instead try to fly into Montrose which is 67 miles south of Telluride.

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