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Golden Door Spa

At the Peaks, hotel guests over the age of 16 can access the Golden Door Spa and use the gyms at the fitness level. Free of charge, hotel guests can partake in the Purification Ritual, which includes use of the steam room which is filled with aromatic herbs, a cedar-filled sauna and a mineral infused whirlpool.

La'Stone Therapy is one of the most expensive treatments at the Golden Door Spa but it is the most relaxing. The therapist uses hot smooth stones to massage your body. This treatment is sure to relax even the most stressed out person.

The Golden Door Spa offers standard salon treatments, like waxing and manicures, but I would recommend relying on your salon at home to do this stuff and focus on the treatments unique to the Golden Door like La'Stone Therapy or the Ayurvedic Massage.

Before and after your treatment, make sure to relax in the tea room where soothing Tazo tea can be consumed.

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