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Milan, Italy

I lived and worked in Milan, Italy for three years. Although not my favorite destination there, the Duomo and La Scala alone are a good reason to visit.

The shopping is superior with classic Italian leather items and high fashion. Expect to pay the price though, it doesn't come cheap.

Wherever you dine here, you are sure to be satisfied with your meal. I ate out a lot in the three years I was there and was never disappointed.

If you are on a budget, you must avoid the larger hotels, rates are outrageous. Stick to a small out-of-the-way pensione to save money.

Driving is chaotic here during the day. Drivers are impatient and impulsive which creates lots of fender-benders. I used the taxi services which were reasonably priced. I wouldn't recommend getting into an unmarked taxi. It could get you into trouble. There is plenty of public transportation to make use of and if you study the city's layout, which is simple, you shouldn't get lost.

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