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Zona Hotelara (Cancun's Hotel Zone)

Tattoo Photo, Cancun, Mexico

Since the white people had baked like a potato on Saturday of our trip, we didn't want to spend more time in the sun on Sunday than we had to. Ouch! A need for cash (don't let anyone tell you that you can use your credit card in Cancun. Everyone wanted cash.) caused us to consider a trip on the bus to one of the malls on the hotel zone to find an ATM. So, we got some pesos (a bus trip is 6 pesos per ride) and boarded a bus. (Make sure to ask your driver to let you know when you should get off for your stop.). We drove past all the hotels, which gave us a pretty good view of the rest of the strip that we hadn't gotten a chance to see. Each one has a different character and a different look.
Not being the clubbing type ourselves, we also got to see a lot of the clubs -- like Senor Frogs and the Snake Club -- that we had heard so much about. We went to Plaza Caracol (sp? pronounced like Caught a Cold) which was nice, and then to Plaza Isla, which was outdoors and had a little more touristy feel about it. We then proceeded to eat a $10 McDonalds meal that would have cost us $5 in the States.
On the way back down the Zona Hotelara, we stopped at a very pink flea market with very pushy shop owners, where I got some hair braids and a henna tattoo.
All in all, we took about 2 and a half hours on the hotel zone, but I thought it was a good, cheap activity that gave us more perspective on the city we were in.

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