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Irish Chemists (Pharmacies)

God forbid it should happen to you, but it happened to me. I caught the cold bug of a lifetime while in Ireland, and it was the Irish chemist that was my saving grace.

Day two of our trip, I came down with a sore throat. I blame the germs on the much-kissed Blarney Stone, but my friend says it had been harboring itself longer than that. Whatever. My story sounds better. :)

Anyway, we found the national sign for a pharmacy, a green cross in some little town whose name I can't remember on our trip to Galway. The chemist heard my 1-900 sexy voice and immediately felt sorry for me. I told him that in the States, I usually have a nose spray decongestant and some Nyquill. He knew exactly what I needed and soon I had my souvenir Irish over-the-counter drugs. Something called Night Nurse and an Afrin-like nose spray, as well as some throat lozenges. He was a beautiful man.

The kicker is that I got all this for around 11 euro, much cheaper than I could have gotten any medice if I would have bought it in the States. While it didn't cure the cold, it helped me continue to enjoy my vacation, where I would have otherwise been miserable. I highly recommend the Irish chemist!

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