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NYC at Christmas: Worth Freezing Your You-Know-What Off

Christmas in NYC Photo, New York, New York

Why in the world would anyone don layer after layer, wear a stupid hat and big bulking earmuffs, and choke themselves with a ridiculous scarf to wear themselves out walking around New York City?


New York does Christmas right, and it does Christmas big. You can’t turn around without Christmas knocking you in the head. And it’s wonderful! If you ever feel like you can’t get into the Christmas spirit, come to New York and let the city help you out. Even the hotel prices and snow aren’t enough to deter!

The most famous Christmas NYC landmark is probably the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. While I did expect it to be bigger somehow (which is crazy, as it’s a 74-foot Norway Spruce), the spectacle of it didn’t disappoint (though be prepared to battle the crowds).

While you’re in Rockefeller Center, head up to 50th Street and 5th Avenue and watch the snowflake show on Saks Fifth Ave. That’s right, ON the building. Every few minutes after dark, the snowflakes perform a dance to a classic Christmas song. (Though they glow steadily in between shows.) Afterwards, look down Fifth Avenue and you can catch a glimpse of the Empire State Building, all decked out in red and green for the holidays.

Also while at Saks, check out the windows. One of my favorite things was trekking to all the department stores to see their Christmas windows (see my Christmas windows journal). My favorite set of windows was at Macy’s, as they told the Miracle on 34th Street story.

Trump does everything big, and Christmas is no exception. Trump Tower dresses up in its Christmas finery for the season, and the tourists eat it up.

Really, you could almost stand on any corner and look around to see decorations, sculptures, displays, wreaths, etc.

Even though Jack Frost will be nipping at your nose, it’ll warm your heart.

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