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The best sunset spots in Venice

Venetian Sunset Photo, Venice, Italy

I asked some fellow IgoUgo members for advice on the best spots to watch a Venetian sunset. Thanks to Ozzy-Dave for recommending the Accademia Bridge. It indeed was a great spot to watch the sun set behind the Grand Canal. This spot was best to watch how the light changed on the buildings, rather than to grasp the changing colors in the sky – as much of this happened behind the buildings. But it was still a great photo op.

By chance, I was reading my Streetwise Venice map, and my friend noticed that there was a footnote by the Madonna Dell’Orto vaparetto stop that said it was one of the best vantage points for a Venetian sunset. It happened to be fairly close to our hotel, located on the north edge of the island. We somehow took a wrong turn and ended up a bit west of the Madonna Dell’Orto stop – one stop further at S. Alvise. I personally think this is the better vantage point. We sat on the vaperetto dock with our feet dangling over the edge and spent 20 minutes watching the sun set – with the colors reflecting off the water. There was nothing in the way of this amazing view, but had we gone to the original vaparetto stop, there would have been this stop in the way. I think this wins the award for best Venetian sunset viewing location.

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