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Petrified Forest - the park

Petrified Forest is a magnificent stretch of land, full of scenic beauty and paleontological wonder. The park features one of the world's largest and most colorful concentrations of petrified (fossilized) wood. Also included in the park's 93,533 acres are the red-hued badlands of the Painted Desert, and 225 million year old fossils.

I will not let three particular sites within the park go unmentioned:

Tiponi Point, overlooking the Painted Desert. More remarkable are the small dunes' made of red rock on the foreground.

Blue Mesa. At this point it demands a minor walk of a mere three miles an alien landscape. Minute white, call them mole-hills, clay dunes. We were walking among these hills surrounded by the most beautiful petrified logs. Very often, the longer logs (measuring twenty feet or more) were broken straight chunks in leaving very straight cuts. They appeared to have been recently sawn into pieces by some crazy chainsaw wielding lumberjack.

Newspaper Rock. We walked towards the railing placed there to keep our greedy, inquisitive probing hands from touching the delicate petroglyphs. They were left there by Anasazi Indians. About ten - twenty feet below were two huge boulders covered with them. Well, the binoculars for the convenience of the visitor helped a lot in making them out. Until present day, nobody knows the meaning of these petroglyphs scattering the landscape of Arizona.

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