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Gordon Biersch Brewery & Restaurant

Gordon Biersch Photo, San Jose, California

Gordon Biersch (GB) is a fabulous upscale German-style brew pub in Downtown San Jose. A definitive place to eavesdrop on corporate types getting hammered, young rich couples on dates, or longtime regulars who have their own personalized beer steins.

There's an expansive outdoor dining patio where jazz bands play during the summer months, and inside there is plenty of room for one to enjoy an elegant meal or watch sports on one of their many large televisions.

I stand out in Gordon Biersch like a sore thumb, because ninety percent of the patrons are business owners, venture capitalists, young rich college couples, or nuclear families from the suburbs. However, what makes GB a real bar, in the sense of the term, is that they give a little extra service to their regular customers. Even though I usually waltz in with a wrinkled Hawaiian shirt and a pair of black jeans that I've worn three days in row, I'll get a free round for every two or three that I buy. Not all the time, but many times.

At GB one can witness corporate mergers taking place over a $19.95 plate of Moroccan Lamb Chops and simultaneously see a crowd of drunken rich twenty-somethings, each one of which wearing a watch that costs more than everything I'm wearing combined. It's a great place to observe peoples' behavior for character trait fodder if you're writing fiction, or simply a fun place to gawk at extremely gorgeous and extremely rich women.

For a scrumptious rush, try the garlic fries. They'll wreak havoc on your breath, but GB will provide you with enough after-dinner mints to quell the effects.

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