New Orleans Stories and Tips

In and Beyond the French Quarter

I'm sure there's plenty of interesting, creative and historic sights to see in New Orleans, but I didn't see any of them. I did walk around a lot, and really enjoyed the contrast between the French Quarter's cobblestone streets teeming with tourists during the day, and their beer-flooded, jam-packed incarnation after dark. During the day there are lots of local artists who display their wares out on the street, as well as, lots of shops to dart in and out of. There's also music to be heard. New Orleans is famous for its jazz, and you can hear it almost nywhere. The best spot is Preservation Hall, and anyone will know where it is located. If you do want to journey beyond the French Quarter, take the antique streetcar up through the rest of the city. There are beautiful houses and gardens to see, but they're best viewed from a cool, moving streetcar. There are plenty of parks and a zoo up there too, as well as the famous Tulane and Loyola Universities.

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