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Eat your heart out....

Much like its ancestor, France, whether you spend $5 or $50 in New Orleans, you can get something absolutely delicious. Cajun and Creole cuisine rule, so the food on the menu at almost anywhere you eat is likely to be blackened, deep fried, and spicy. But that's a good thing. Fish is the staple here - and you can enjoy it hundreds of different ways. For less formal dining, try a po' boy, a super-sized sandwich often dripping with shrimp and piquant mayonnaise. Gumbo is another favorite- a thick stew with seafood, sausage, rice and beans. Despite what the Food Channel may lead you to believe, Emeril is not the culinary king of New Orleans. The members of the Brennan Family are New Orleans true dining royalty. They own several restaurants throughout the city, varying in formality and price. I ate at several and they were all fantastic! My favorite was the Palace Café (read my journal entry). Emeril''s restaurants earn equal acclaim for their inventive cuisine and flair, but the menus looked a little too daring and expensive, for my taste.

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