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Victoria--Land of flower baskets

Victoriaq Photo, Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is the principal city of Vancouver Island. It is a sparkling gem in the summer. It boasts historical sites, museums, grand hotels, a bustling harbor, a China Town, and some of the most beautiful vistas on the west coast of the North American hemisphere. There are fabulous opportunities to eat at reasonable prices, and the outdoor air is unbeatable. On a sunny day the place takes on a magical aura. The water sparkles and the people seem sincerely glad to have you there. There is something of a night life, fishing galore, outdoor activities, and a totally clean environment. The flower baskets hanging from the street lights are everywhere. The place looks like a movie set but it is a real town where friendly people abide. If there is any anti-Americanism around I never found it. There are about five cities or towns in my life that have made a lasting impression on me. Add Victoria to that list.

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