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Fort Ord, California

For anyone associated with the military who has ever lived in California, a trip to Fort Ord might be like a trip down memory lane. Unfortunately much of Fort Ord was closed down some time ago and is left boarded up and neglected, little use to anyone. However, do not let this stop you from driving through. Part of Fort Ord has been taken over by a local university, and part of Fort Ord was never shut down at all. In fact, when my father was stationed at Fort Ord over twenty years ago, we lived in Fitch Park which provided housing for officers. This area is still used for military housing. It is alive with young families whose military member is taking classes either at the Naval Post Graduate School or the Defense Language Institute. It was very wonderful for me to see a home in which I spent three of the happiest years of my childhood. Maybe only other military children would understand how it feels to not have a home to which they can lay claim, but Fort Ord felt to me like home as soon as I saw the hill on which I broke my wrist, learned how to sort-of ride a bike, and played tag with my brother and neighborhood best friend for hours into twilight. Sentimental freak that I am, I even spent a few minutes on my old elementary school playground, Marshall Elementary, which is still in operation. My, it's funny how those monkey bars shrink when we grow up!

Fort Ord would only be of interest to a military family that was once stationed on the premises UNLESS you play golf. The Bayonet and Black Horse Golf Courses are now open to the public and worth the green fees (See separate entry.).

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