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Terme Di Montecatini (Italian Spa)

Main Building of Spa Photo, Tuscany, Italy

Montecatini Terme is a city of spas. With several springs flowing with four different types of healing waters, there are beautiful parks in the area to visit. We entered the tall iron gates of one that is normally closed for the winter.

Apart from the groomed grounds, vast neoclassic columns support an amphitheater-like structure in which Italians gather from April-October to drink thermal spring waters for their health. Large paintings of cherubs and healthy men and women rise behind the faucets from which water is dispensed. I closed my eyes and could easily imagine the sounds of music from the live bands invited to play in the park in the warmer months. I know drinking of the waters is a long-time tradition in Montecatini Terme. While most of the structure we visited was built in 1925, we found an entrance to the park that was erected in the 1700s.

The Termi Di Montecatini has an equally long history of treating the public. It is housed in several buildings, but in the slow winter months, only one of these buildings is open. I did not receive a treatment at the Montecatini Terme, but I did have a chance to look around.

On the top floors of the center are the medical facilities that I have learned are common to Italian spas. The average client who uses these facilities is 58 years old. The rooms look just like hospital rooms: medical equipment sits on sterile, metal tables.

The Wellness Floor of the spa is much different. The average client who comes to the spa for relaxation at Terme Di Montecatini is 30-35 years old. Approximately 60% of the clients are female; 40% are male. The treatment rooms have brightly colored tiles: aqua and white in the Turkish Baths. Tables are equipped with hydrotherapy devices: water will spray clients to massage away tension in the muscles. Different types of massages are readily had as well as facials and other, typical spa treatments. There are four major types of water used by this spa, all for different ailments. Rinfresco is the lightest water and is drunk to soothe the stomach. Visit www.termemontecatini.it for further details.

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