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Spa Sydell---A Trip for your Senses!

Recently a friend of mine gave me a half day ($140) of relaxation at Spa Sydell. What a great friend, right? This morning of pampering allowed me to choose two of three Sydell services: a facial, body massage, or a manicure and pedicure combo. So what did I choose and how was the experience?

Well, my first decision had nothing to do with the services I wanted. When I initially called to make my appointments, I had to decide which Spa Sydell in the Atlanta metroplex I wanted to visit. There are six locations: Alpharetta, Buckhead Plaza, the Cumberland Mall, Midtown Brookwood Place, Perimeter Square West and Pleasant Hill Square. The Midtown location on Peachtree St. is the newest. I have also heard it's the most well appointed. It's been so successful that it has taken the "flagship" position to the other Sydell spas. So that is, of course, where I wanted to go.

When I arrived, I was met on the first floor of Spa Sydell by a smiling receptionist who led me upstairs to a dimly lit waiting area. Several people in robes and slippers were sipping water. Candles and woodwind music set the mood. A 'waterfall' cascaded down one green wall. This is what I expect from any spa. I was just beginning to sink into my chair when my cell phone began to ring. Loud and clear. The Entertainer. How embarrassing!

Fortunately, as if on cue, Karen, my attendant, appeared in a black robe to take me away. Forgetting my cell phone 'faux pas', we went to the room where I was going to get my relaxing facial. Karen seemed very knowledgable about skin care and explained all the different types of facials available at Sydell. While I opted out of the Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment she suggested, I could have added it for $30 to the cost of the basic facial already included in my "half day."

Once in a robe and hair net, my hands were put into hot gloves that looked like oven mitts on my stomach. I leaned back so that Karen could make sense of all my dead skin cells. My face was misted, wrapped in towels, massaged, studied.... Then Karen put together a small set of suggestions for skin care that I picked up upon check-out. I have to admit, my face felt softer after she was done.

Next service? The body massage! My massage therapist, David, asked me about problem areas as walked together down the spa halls. Once I was in place on the massage table, he did a good job of focusing on the aches and pains in my shoulders, kneeding the knots out with his hands. I am a big advocate of deep tissue massages. I think they do wonderful things for your body, releasing toxins and stress. As always, this hour flew by for me.

While I did not take advantage of the steam room or showers, spa guests are welcome to use them either before or after services.

Would I suggest Spa Sydell to someone else?
I can't speak for all the locations, but I certainly enjoyed my visit to the Midtown spa. If you like to relax, you'll probably also have a nice experience.

Some basic costs:
Swedish and deep tissue massages are $70 for a full hour. Reflexology (foot massages) and hot stone massages are also available. A basic, 60 min. facial is $70. Additional treatments such as oxygenation can be added. Other services available include body polishes, hair removal, nail care, etc.

To make an appointment:
Call 404-255-spas or visit


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