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Getting around the city

Walking is by far your best option when exploring San Francisco's different sections. Parking is an absolute nightmare in the city. You might find the perfect cafe, but if no valet is available, you'll spend an hour circling the block looking for a parking space! Walk when you can. Use BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), buses, and cable cars when you can't. Bart only has 4 lines so it is not complicated at all, and buses are part of everyday life for the San Francisco local. Make sure you take exact change if you do use the bus. You can get a transfer good for two vehicle changes within a 90 minute period for $1.00 (A BART fare starts at $1.10 and will not exceed $4.70). People at the stops are friendly and will help you if you ask them. Taxis are also available but MUCH more expensive. I took a bus from my hotel to Market Street for $1.00. I took a cab back to my hotel for $11.00 (with tip) from Market because I was in a bigger hurry. To be honest, I'm not sure the cab was any faster though it was a lot more expensive (and less crowded!). You must rent a car for trips outside of San Francisco. Keep in mind when you leave the city that there are tolls on the bridges coming back ($3--Golden Gate; $2---Bay Bridge).

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