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Tirolean Music and Dance Performance

Tirolean Music and Dance Performance Photo, St. Anton, Austria

Several times a month a group of locals from St. Anton perform a wonderful mix of traditional dance and music numbers. The performance lasts about two hours and is a blend of local folk music, athletic dance moves, and humor. The dance troupe clearly has a good time and genuinely seems to relish being onstage. Not surprisingly, the performers all seem to be very close friends, and that familiarity makes the performance that much more engaging.

Regarding the dancing, the moves are extremely strenuous and athletic. The men who perform the more difficult maneuvers are definitely studs. For perspective, one of them had just returned from the Himalayas where he summated one of the 8,000-meter (around 25,000 feet) peaks. The other dancers are mostly mountain guides, ski instructors, and at the very least people who enjoy staying in shape. They throw each other around, jump on and off the stage, spin very quickly on stilts, kick each other in the butt, and various other things that keep the show entertaining throughout. The dancing and music also tells several stories. For instance, one number was called jealousy and involved two of the men arguing over one of the women. I didn’t understand the words, but I certainly understood the plot. It was funny stuff. Several women also dance, but their parts are much less demanding (although they are much prettier).

Regarding the music, it mostly consists of a three-or four-person band playing the guitar, the bass, and various other instruments including traditional horns (some up to ten feet long). The musicians and dancers rotate throughout, and many of the songs include singing by the dancers.

Throughout the performance, beer and drinks are served, and at the end of the performance, you can meet the performers and have yet another drink for the road. I give this performance an unqualified, enthusiastic recommendation and given that summer nights in St. Anton aren’t exactly hopping, the show is even more of a must-see.

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