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Brown's Photo, Ocean City, New Jersey

After 16 years of staying in Ocean City, I have to say I'm a pretty seasoned veteran. Sadly, this year the house my family has stayed in for many many years was sold. It was definitely the least attractive house on the street, so the other half will most likely be sold and the whole thing will be torn down, and a house will be built which will cost close to three times the amount to rent. So my hopes of ever getting to stay on the 900 block(closest to the beach), at a reasonable price are gone for now.Anyway, back to 2nd street, the best in town (in my opinion). Being on the north end of the boardwalk, you get the close to quiet, but still the easy access to the boardwalk. The beach is of course crowded as you'd expect, but it's one of the larger beaches, so there's still room for wiffle ball. There's also a nice Catholic church within walking distance.Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Brown's, famous especially for its donuts, is just one street away on the boardwalk. Also the spot for water ice breaks! Parking is usually provided by the house. My favorite house is on pylons, so there's plenty of room under the house for around four or five cars.

Well as you can tell, I'm a loyal fan to 2nd street, but who wouldn't be? Try it!

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