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Misty Mountain Dairy

Dav and Val Photo, South Africa, Africa

When evening came on our first day of the Dolphin Trail, the beautiful view compensated for my aching thighs as we made our accent to the top of the ridge and Misty Mountain Dairy . After a Jacuzzi bath in our lovely cabin followed by good wine, food, company, and hot packs on sore legs, I thought I just might live.

A row of newly built and very comfortable cabins are a short distance from the main house that Val and Dav, our hosts, live in. Our warm, cozy cabin had two twin beds set side by side, a counter next to a wardrobe, sitting area, wall of windows facing the ocean, and a porch with comfy chairs that faced the ocean. The aura was like a cocoon set in a lovely seashell. Around our huge Jacuzzi tub, Val had thoughtfully places several red hibiscus flowers. The Jacuzzi was my first stop and after a good long soak I felt I would keep my legs after all.

Before dinner we sat in the den attached to their large country kitchen so we could visit with both Val and Dav while we sipped sherry. Dinner was buffet style and since we were such a small party we put the tables together so the six of us could eat family style instead of separate tables. Lasagna, hot vegetable salad, green salad, chicken, vegetables, and cobbler were all delicious and we attacked the food with hardy appetites from all our exertions.

Dav, who is in his 60s, built a substantial part of the Dolphin Trail, linking it to other trails in Tsitsikama . He related difficulties other hikers had and also the story of a feisty 70-year-old woman who got up early to "look around the dairy" before their hike got started. With that story I went to bed with the resolve to tackle the second day.

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