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Walking on Lake Zurich

Summertime brings out the best that Zurich has to offer. Zurich itself can be easily covered by foot. In the summer, venturing past the center of the city and along either side of the lake is a real treat.Especially enjoyable on a Friday evening, take a walk down the left bank of the lake (when looking at the lake with the old town behind you). All along the waterfront are young local Zurichers soaking up the view along with a drink. (Drinking alcohol on the streets and in public places is allowed here, unlike most places in the US.) There are also often street performers along the river, making the view that much more lively.On the right side of the lake, you'll find a beautifully maintained park, ending at the "swim clubs" further up the lake. In the park, there are runners and bikers in the morning, and lots of young people tanning and enjoying the sun on a weekend afternoon. You may even see a few barbecues and street vendors bring their carts down to the park to sell ice-cream, pretzels, drinks and other snacks. On a very hot day, jump in the lake for a swim!

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