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Amalfi Coast

The Next Town Over Photo, Amalfi Coast, Italy

This was one of my favorite destinations in all of Italy. After what seems like HOURS traveling the most curvaceous roads in Italy, and watching the scenery change from good, to better, to beautiful, you arrive. There is a nice beach area to play volleyball, sunbathe, or swim if you desire.

The people in Amalfi are very generous and welcoming as well. I was there with a group, and we played a concert at the Duomo, and what seemed to be the ENTIRE town showed up to watch us. Afterwards, the mayor let us use his office to change out of our uniforms, and took the time to personally meet each of us (there were around 250 of us there). Furthermore, the people at the different restaurants were friendly and were helpful as we tried to pick out a place to eat.

While in Amalfi, a great way to see the region is by boat tour. We went on one of these, and we got great views of the area and explanation of local history. Definitely worth the money.

I could talk about how beautiful the area is, but you should just look at the pictures: a picture is really worth a thousand words.

Amalfi is worth the drive and a great sight to see. Remember that it can get hot there, and the only way to guarantee air-conditioning is to book a five-star hotel.

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