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Driving Tour Part 5

25. General Ignacio Zaragoza Monument

In 1925 when Tijuana became a Municipality (County) it was to be re-named "Zaragoza" in honor of this great man who beat the French Army in the Battle of Puebla.

This historic battle is remembered every year on the Fifht of May, in Spanish "cinco de mayo".

This street was the main road from the border to the Casino.

26. President Abraham Lincoln Monument

This monument is the work of a Mexican sculptor and was received as a gift from the U. S. Government. In appreciation, the Mexican Government donated a sculpture of President Benito Juárez.

The Statue of President Juárez is in San Diego’s Balboa park.

As an interesting historical note, Slavery has been outlawed in Mexico since before it became an independent country.

27. Cuauhtémoc Monument

Cuauhtémoc means "Eagle that falls" was a leader of the Aztec People during the Spanish Conquest of what is now Mexico.

This statue is the work of a Mexican artist and was a gift from the Government of the State of Guerrero and was placed here by the people of Guerrero that live in Tijuana.

28. Two Californias Monument

This monument is know by many names to the people of Tijuana: Scissors, the "M", the Iron Monument.

"Scissors" and "M" are fairly obvious names since it sort-of resembles those things but the "Iron Monument" name was because of its iron structure that stood exposed several months before it’s completion.

One thing we know for sure is that its modern design won several awards in the early 1980’s for, among other things, the fact that it looks like a letter "M" from every angle.

29. Plaza Río Tijuana Mall

This Plaza was the first American-style "Mall" built in Tijuana and is still a favorite among the locals.

This mall is must for people wishing to buy where the locals and acquire authentic Mexican products.

30. City Hall

Due to the growing city –- and growing government -- this building was raised here just over 20 years ago. For 80 years before that, the government was at a downtown building.

Its important to note that in Mexico, City and County governments functions exist as one Municipal Entity.

The "Ayuntamiento" is the Mexican equivalent of the Board of Supervisors and the City Council rolled into one.

The City/County of Tijuana is the smallest in territory but it holds almost half ot the State’s population.

The largest City/County is Ensenada and covers over 70% of the State. Ironically, it’s the one with least people.

An interesting fact is that the Baja California Peninsula is larger than the Italian peninsula.

32. Tijuana Cultural Center

This Cultural Center is the most important in the northwest of the country and houses a Omnimax Theatre, a Performing Arts Theatre, The Museum of the Californias, exhibition halls, bookstore and a café.

The Museum of the Californias tells the history of the Peninsula since before Spanish colonization. It offers guided tours in Spanish and English by appointment.

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