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Driving Tour part 4

18. Tijuana Country Club ("Club Social y Deportivo Campestre de Tijuana"):

The "campestre", as it is commonly called, was the first in the state to have its own golf course. The golf course, as well as the bar and three restaurants are open to non-members.

Many of the golf pros here are veterans of the PGA Tour.

The "Campestre" is also home to a yearly moonlight concert by the Grammy-award winning Baja California Orchestra.

19. Agua Caliente Race Track

In the 1920’s the Caliente Company organized its first dog and horse race track in a site that would later house the historic Agua Caliente Casino.

In 1971 a fire destroyed the building but the company rebuilt it in one month. An engineering wonder for that time.

Now a days the race track is home for daily dog races.

20. Restaurant Row

Tijuana is very well known for the surprising quality of its restaurants. Cuisine includes, Mexican international, modern, traditional, specialty and ethnic.

Many of the best can be found in the Zona Río Restaurant Row but there are also much more dispersed throughout the city.

21. Old Agua Caliente Casino Site

This tower built in a Arabic-Spanish style called "mudéjar" was a smokestack for the Agua Caliente Casino. This tower, a swimming pool and some walls are all that remains of this important Tijuana monument.

This Casino was one of the main engines for growth in Tijuana during the U. S. prohibition and it was considered among the best vacation spots in North America.

During its golden age, it was home to a hotel, various theatres, ballrooms, bungalows and airstrip.

When gambling was made illegal in Mexico, the casino was turned into a military academy and later a pre-university education center.

22. General Lázaro Cárdenas Monument

This sculpture is the work of a Mexican artist of Spanish descent. This is of note because President Cárdenas was very welcoming of exiled Spaniards at the end of their civil war.

President Cárdenas is more well known for having returned oil and minieral wealth to the State. He is also the president who outlawed casinos in Mexico.

23. Teachers Park

This small park is among the newest in the city and was made to honor the noble work of Teachers in Mexican Society.

It's important to note that this park was placed facing President Cárdenas, who, by outlawing casinos, gave Tijuana its largest pre-college education center.

24. General José María Morelos y Pavón Monument

The Caliente Racetrack presented the City of Tijuana with this monument as a gift. It was among the first monuments of its kind in the city.

General Morelos is a great figure in Mexican History and is also considered one of the founding fathers of our country.

Of his military gifts, Napoleon is said to have commented: "With three men like Morelos, I could conquer the world."

This was years before France attacked Mexico but failed to hold on to it.

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