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Driving Tour Part 3

12. L.A Cetto Wine Cellar ("Cava de L.A. Cetto"):

The House of Cetto is one of the oldest in the country and one of its’ largest producers of wine. Their vineyards have been in the Guadalupe Valley since the late XIX century although their winemaking is done here in Tijuana.

Winemaking, aging and processing for L. A. Cetto is done in a beautiful cellar here in what is now downtown Tijuana. For any who are interested in wine and winemaking, can visit for a guided tour or schedule a winetasting session.

The Guadalupe Valley is located about an hour’s drive from here, near Ensenada, and is home to more than ten winemakers. Here, over 95% of Mexico’s wine is produced.

13. The Tijuana Tower or Agua Caliente Tower ("Torre Tijuana" o Torre Agua Caliente"):

This tower is a replica of one built in the 1920’s for the Agua Caliente Casino although it is now known as the "Tijuana Tower".

The original tower served as the control tower for the casino’s private airport until the 1950’s when it was destroyed by fire.

Tijuana’s Agua Caliente Casino was internationally famous during American prohibition and it took it’s name form the hot springs present in the City.

14. Tijuana Brewery ("Cervecería Tijuana"):

"TJ Tijuana" beer is new to the world but old in tradition. The Baja California Brewing Consortium (the company’s official name) produces a high quality lager tipe beer of several different types.

Its two master brewers (one Czech and one Mexican) use the highest quality Mexican and Czech ingredients to produce beers Tijuana can be proud of.

The brewery hosts tours by appointment and has a traditional style bar where you can taste the unfiltered beer straight from the tap.

The Czech Republic is where beer was invented.

15. Toreo de Tijuana Bullring ("Plaza de Toros ‘Toreo de Tijuana’")

The oldest of the two bullfighting rings in Tijuana. This arena has been host to the most famous bullfighters (matadors) in the world such as: Eloy Cavazos and Julián Sánchez

Bull season is from late spring to late summer and lets visitor live a unique cultural experience in north America. This spectacle testifies to the European roots of modern Mexican culture.

Tijuana’s other bullring is by the Pacific and is named the "Monumental Plaza" making this city the only one (after the capital) to have more than one bullfighting arena.

16. Baja California Defender’s Monument ("Monumento a los Defensores de Baja California")

The people of Tijuana built this monument in memory of it’s brave inhabitants that, in 1911, defended it against an American annexation attempt during the Mexican Revolution.

The memorial was built in the 1950’s.

17. Free textbook monument ("Monumento al Libro de Texto Gratuito"):

This monument was built by the City of Tijuana in the 1960’s and is the only one of it’s type to honor the concept of free education through textbooks for all Mexicans.

Every year, teachers mount an honor guard on national Flag Day, February 24th.

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