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Scotland Driving Tour - Part 2

The western highlands Photo, Scotland, United Kingdom

The biggest source of frustration was my miscalculation of the amount of time it took to get from one point to another. To the road conditions, you would be lucky to average 50 mph. Thus, you should multiply the drive time factor by 50%. In a couple of cases it was worse. On our journey from St. Andrews to Stirling to see the Stirling Castle we unfortunately got behind a large tractor. We followed that tractor for over an hour. There are no passing lanes or opportunities to pass due to the winding roads. Needless to say, my mouth needed washing out badly by the time the tractor finally pulled off the road.

While I noted that I quickly adopted all of the driving changes, it is necessary to remind yourself of that each time you get in the car. One time I was in a hurry and forgot to remind myself. Pulling out of the William Wallace monument, another blind entrance/exit, I found myself on the wrong side of the road. I quickly pulled off the road in time. Fortunately, there was just enough room between the road and side of the hill for me squeeze the car in. Fate must have been on my side, because that was the only place where there was adequate room.

Even with my travails and frustrations noted above, the Scotland countryside more than made up for it. There were large magnificent mountains, glistening lochs, shadows from the forest of trees, and lots of sheep. I am just glad that I did not come across one on the road. Some of the roads were a gas to ride on. You literally felt like you you were on a roller coaster and you flew along the rolling and winding roads. At that point I was wishing I was driving my own sports car on those roads.

The trip was over, and we took off from Glasgow. I reflected on the great fun in Scotland and all the places we visited. We look forward to returning to Scotland in the future. In the meantime, I will fondly think back to those rolling and winding roads as I am charging along in my sports car at home.

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