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Scarborough, North bay

Miniature battle at Peasholme Park Photo, Scarborough, England

In the quieter North Bay, Peasholme Park, designed in the early 20th century in a Japanese Style featuring pagodas, waterfalls, a floating bandstand and a willow pattern style bridge. In my childhood I remember being fascinated by a naval battle on Peasholm Lake. These battle enactments are still running and the large scale modeled remote controlled boats parade the waters, planes swoop down from on high and torpedoes can be seen speeding underwater to sink unsuspecting vessels. I have to say that, as an adult it had lost some of its magic, but the children were alive with excitement and adults, seeing it for the first time seemed to be enthralled.At night Peasolm Park takes on a different persona with its Japanese garden being adorned with lights. Some offer subtle lighting of the plants and shrubs casting eerie shadows amongst the strange and varied hues. But this is a child’s paradise and there are famous stars of the animated screen alongside magical toadstools, fairy grottoes and other magical scenes for the youngsters. It will certainly seem a totally different scene to the one that featured the miniature sea battle earlier on in the day. When the sea battle isn’t playing you can take a dragon boat around the island. Not an enthralling trip but the kids will love it.Cross the busy main road and you’ll see Scarborough’s indoor swimming pool and to the left of that the entrance to another extensive park. From here you can catch Yorkshire’s famous miniature train, up the coast to Scalby Mills. In the same area Scarborough’s "Sea Life" is still on the go. These are not uncommon nowadays, but when I first took my children to Scarborough they were fairly unique. Over the years its been upgraded, but I’m afraid it isn’t up to Disney’s Sea World standards!It wasn’t until wandering the streets in Scarborough’s castle area that I realised that the so-called "father of aviation", Sir George Cayley was born in the town, a fact that the town really doesn’t seem to exploit.If you have your own transport I’d strongly recommend that you take a trip up to Oliver’s Mount. It is an approved motorbike racetrack so you’ll have to choose your day carefully! It’s reputed to be named after Oliver Cromwell but I’ve not seen any documentary evidence to support this. However, as you stand at the top viewing the spectacular vista, just imagine Cromwell, the Lord Protector standing up there mustering the troops!

For a bit of culture Scarborough has its own Art Gallery and the Rotunda Museum brags that it’s the "finest Georgian Museum" in England". I’m not sure about that but it is certainly one of Britain’s oldest and the building’s architect is superb and has been tastefully update to make it a bright and interesting place to visit.

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