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Kodak Theatre Photo, Los Angeles, California

Every place you go on the bus tours, you can go on your own on, following your own schedule. Just check out their brochure and see where they take you, and follow that. Not that fascinating anyway, from what you see on TV I thought that I would see so much, but it was just like any other city. Some cities have at least one spot that is a tourist attraction, but not Los Angeles, just didn't see the hype. The Walk of Fame is okay, you see the stars on the ground, but what I hear is that everyone nowadays that gets a star, are not as special as they used to be. But you do get to see some of the stuff they talk about on TV. The Chinese Theater. All that stuff you can go to on your own without spending a ton of money. As far as Beverly Hills, I have seen bigger homes in the country, and at least they get some type of land to surround their property. All I can say is that Los Angeles is NO BIG DEAL!

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