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Bike Li River to Liugong

Countryside Mountains Photo, Yangshuo, China

The Li River makes a sharp turn, and begins heading east in Yangshuo. We rented bicycles in the morning, and began riding on the main road that paralleled the river. Within 10 minutes, we were on a dirt bike path. Looking at the map we had, we were heading for Fuli. We came to a fork in the road, trying to decide which way to go when a family rode up behind us and asked which way to Fuli. He asked a Chinese man, and we all headed off towards the right. We found a nice view of the rice fields, stopped to take a picture and have a rest break. The family came rolling by and passed. We headed off only to pass them while they took a break. There was a small cemetery that was quite fascinating. A large structure made of thin wood and covered with paper, similar to a kite, was atop some of the tombs. The paper wasn’t anything unusual, much of it appeared to be like newspaper. We were trying to figure out what was on top of that structure when we discovered one in better condition, and realized it was a crane. Near the bottom of the tombs, we could tell that many fireworks had been lit. Some of the ones had obviously been there for a while and had fallen onto the ground. We knew the graves were not recent, so we wondered if the structures marked an anniversary—unfortunately, we will never know.

While walking around the cemetery, they passed us again. Originally, we decided to ride for 4 hours and then turn around. When we noticed that they kept going, we figured they must know a shorter way back on the main road. We stopped at a cave along the side of the road. It went back a distance, but I would need a boat. We motioned for the family to come over. We talked with them and decided to have lunch in Liugong, some 20k from Yangshuo.

On the way, there was a sign for Three Colored Ponds of Liugong. Each of the ponds is about 10 meters in diameter with a different color of water. One is dark green, another light blue, and the last aquamarine. The colors never change and the water levels never change, regardless of the Li River’s level, or during droughts.

Liugong Village has over 800 years of history and some unique, old buildings, including the Moon Pavilion and Home of Senators. Natural sites include Dragon Boat Cave and Turtles Climbing to River. We walked around the buildings and had lunch. The family talked to the driver of the tourist boat to see if we could return with them. For 30Y, our bikes were loaded and we enjoyed another section of the Li River via boat. The boat took 1 ½ hours giving us 45 minutes to take the 5 minute walk to West Street, to return our bikes.

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