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Gyhll Scrambling

Gyhll Scrambling, otherwise known as waterfall climbing, was the highlight of my time in the Lake District. The outfitters in Ambleside and surrounding towns drive you through the beautiful countryside to a gorgeous multilayer waterfall. After being given hardhats and a climbing harness, you are ready to start.

Small groups are lead up the falls by knowledgeable guides. Stepping around fallen trees, hopping from rock to rock to avoid falling into a pool... you can't beat it. At one point the climbing harness is used. A guide waits at the top and helps pull the participants up as they climb the steepest part. Once you reach the top, or as close as you have time for, you walk back to the parking lot on a well-worn path next to the waterfall and get to watch other tourists climbing up the falls. Each guide has a slightly different path up the waterfall, so you never quite know where you're going to go.

This is a must for an adventure seeker. Just make sure you remember shoes with a good grip and waterproof clothing (depending on the time of year).

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